Watertown Family YMCA

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Payment Options

Monthly Bank Draft

This is a process by which the Yearly Rate is paid monthly by an Automatic Bank Draft System though either a Checking Account, Savings Account or Credit Card/Debt Card (Visa, Mastercard)

1. You would come in and pay BOTH the Monthly fee and the Capital Fund* when you sign up.  We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card/Debt Card (VISA, Discover, and Mastercard)

2. Each month after that we will take the monthly fee for your Membership Type out of either a Checking Account, Savings Account or Credit Card/Debt Card (Visa, Discover, or Mastercard)

3. This process will continue on until you tell us to stop (you must give the YMCA 30 days written notice in order to stop the Bank Draft System-forms are available at the Front Desk and can be faxed or mailed to you).

It's That Easy!!!!

Yearly Rate

This is an alternative to the Monthly Bank Draft System in which you pay for the Year in full.  We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card/Debt Card (VISA, Discover, and Mastercard).

1. You pay the Yearly Rate + Capital Fund* and that's it.

Now you're ready to enjoy all the YMCA has to offer!!!!!

Daily Rate

You say you just want to come in a few times and see what the YMCA has to offer, then this is for you.  You pay by the day (you may use the YMCA multiple times within that day) according to your Membership Type.  We have special daily rates for the use of the Pool...see the chart above.  The Daily Rate for an adult coming in with a current member is $6.00. Daily rates really are meant for a few visits.  With most Daily Rates, coming in more than a few times per month will cost you more than the monthly membership payment would.

Gateway Financial Scholarship Program

Fulfilling our goal to provide service for youth and families, the Watertown YMCA, with the support of the United Way of Northern New York, provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford our membership or program fees.  To apply please stop into the Watertown YMCA for an application.